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Three hundred million tennis balls are manufactured worldwide each year (with over 125 million used in the US). Tons of balls are discarded into landfills. The balls decompose very slowly and take up landfill space, reportedly producing methane gas and contributing to global pollution.

Everyone is aware of reuse applications for tennis balls – bottoms of chairs and walkers and as toys for dogs. But there is a limit to how many balls each year can be put to this purpose. And, even if reused, ultimately these balls still remain in the waste stream and wind up in landfills. 

Now, there is an industry solution to recycling tennis balls, but only when Players, Clubs, Environmental Stewards like Project Green Ball, and Businesses ALL work together to make it happen. 

To demonstrate the business contribution, 1st-Service has stepped up to help drive the large scale recycling of tennis balls, by creating 2nd-Bounces; a complete system to finance and sustain it into the future. 

Balls that meet our tested quality standard for tennis use are sold to the public at fair market value. Proceeds from the balls we sell pay for labor and our handling and distribution of balls shipped to our donee partners.  Please visit our Blog page for a full explanation of Sustainability.  Your part in purchasing used balls is critical to a working Industry Solution to recycling.

Own or Manage a Tennis Club ? 
See how you can recycle, help charitable organizations, and receive donation receipts, 
by visiting our page on How Clubs Donate.

Call for more information: 630-675-0250

Take our Tennis Ball Usage Survey to help us tailor the REUSE part of our Tennis Ball Recycling process.


Donating Tennis Clubs

Tennis Club Donation appreciation
Donating Club
 Donee Location
Auburn, NY
College Park Athletic Club - Deer Park IL
Highland, IL
Project Green Ball - IGK Equestrian
Auburn, NY
Project Green Ball - IGK Equestrian
Auburn, NY
College Park Athletic Club
Little Rock, AR
College Park Athletic Club
Chicago, IL
College Park Athletic Club
Holy Family Catholic School
Rockford, IL
Vaughan Athletic Center
Little Rock, AR
College Park Athletic Club
Little Rock, AR
Vaughan Athletic Center
Edwards Elementary School
Chicago, IL
Vaughan Athletic Center

St. James School

Rockford, IL
 College Park Athletic Club
Manteno Middle School
Mateno, IL
 College Park Athletic Club
Horace Mann Elementary
Chicago, IL  
 Vaughan Athletic Center (4670)
Holy Family Catholic School 
Rockford, IL
 College Park Athletic Club (7011)
Oakland Elementary School
Galax, VA
 College Park Athletic Club
Grace Baptist Church (Operation Christmas Child)
 Wild Peach, TX
  Total Balls Donated

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Non-Profit Partners and Donee Organizations

Our primary partner is Project Green Ball, Inc. -  the voluntary product stewardship organization of the tennis ball industry. PGB is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) corporation whose mission it is to facilitate the recycling of used tennis balls and to donate surfaces based on the recycled balls. 

A significant portion of the balls we collect are sent to Project Green Ball affiliated donees. 

The Nicaragua Christian Education (NiCE) Foundation mission is to improve the lives of disadvantaged Nicaraguans by providing them with the tools to meet some of their long-term needs in the areas of salvation, medical care, education, and employment.  You may wonder how tennis balls support their mission??... A significant part of NiCE’s ministry is to lead short-term mission teams so that people of all ages, denominations, cities, and skills can contribute to the ministry in Nicaragua. As these teams first meet with Nicaraguan families, often the children are hesitant to interact. Tossing a fuzzy little yellow ball to a child is the perfect ice-breaker, bringing a smile and helping to start a relationship. 

In 2012, IGK Equestrian teamed up with Project Green Ball to perfect a way to recycle tennis balls, by grinding them up and incorporating them into a special mix for their dust-free synthetic footing, called Grand Slam footing (“GS”). 2nd-Bounces has facilitated the donation of tennis balls for this purpose from several major Chicago area clubs. IGK is no longer accepting tennis balls, so the equestrian turf program is no longer active.

A local Wholesale supply company United Pipe & Steel Corp., utilizes used tennis balls to help promote the safety of their team. United is using the Tennis balls as edge protectors on their picking racks.


The Live Like Roo Foundation supports dogs and their owners through a cancer diagnosis by providing financial and emotional assistance. Live Like Roo Foundation encourages everyone to Live Like Roo daily because tomorrow is not promised. 

Visit them on Facebook:

and Instagram: @livelikeroofoundation


Radio Controlled Rock Crawling in Nevada

After being cut in half, these tennis balls are used for course markers In northern Nevada, remote control rock crawler competitions!

The average course has 20 to 30 markers and the person driving the mini RC rock crawler, has to navigate through the set course completely hands-off, like if it rolls over the driver needs to right the vehicle with a scale winch or another truck rather than picking it up by hand. These guys do it all for fun and don't charge spectators, but rather take donations for the Food Bank of Northern Nevada at all events. Click on the pic for a link to more info.

Educational Organizations

Quieter Classrooms -- a big goal for many teachers and school administrators. Unfortunately the need for easy-to-maintain desks, chairs, and hard surface flooring, combined with the unbridled energy of grade schoolers, makes for a lot of background noise in the typical classroom. 

Teachers have discovered an economical and effective way to suppress this noise, while helping in the tennis ball recycling effort. 

Here are a few of the schools in Illinois that have benefited from our tennis ball donations:

Holy Family Catholic School - Rockford IL

Manteno Middle School - Mateno IL

Edwards Elementary School - Chicago Public Schools

St. James School - Rockford, IL

Horace Mann Elementary School - Chicago, IL

Oakland Elementary School - Galax, VA (photo of a very happy teacher below)

Visit the above organization's websites for more information about them, or to make donations. 


What Tennis Players Can Do to Help


           Visit Our 2nd-Bounces Product Page to 

         Purchase High Quality Used Tennis balls


Now that you have decided to do your part and purchase rescued tennis balls, make sure you don't "drop the ball" when you're done (into a landfill that is). You have given these balls a 2nd-bounce at life on the court, 

but then what ?

DONT toss them into the trash!  Please recycle them!

Here are a few ways you can make sure none of them reach the landfill...


ReTour Tennis has designed a container that hangs directly on tennis court fencing so players have immediate access to a recycling bin. 

Find an AD-IN Bin where

you play tennis. is taking used tennis balls to be ground up and used as a component in the sub-surface of new tennis courts.  These courts are then sold as an environmentally green product. Once a box of 200 or more is full and sealed, generate a pre-paid shipping label online at; there is no shipping cost to you.  You then take the box to the nearest FedEx location.

Start Your Own Collection Program

The Tennis ball recycling movement is sweeping the nation. Just when we think we've thought of everything, someone comes up with another new idea. Innovation spawns more innovation. 

So go for it.  Start a collection campaign at your local tennis facility. Raise funds to purchase an AD-IN Bin. Collect up all the balls your friends or school would normally throw away, and ship them to one of our Non-profit partners.

Every ball counts, 

and every good ball deserves a 2nd-Bounce

Used Tennis Balls help make classrooms quieter

The Tennis Ball Cutter™ is a simple mechanical device that cuts tennis balls so they may be attached to classroom chairs and desks. Background noise is reduced, the teacher is more easily heard. Simple. Another perfect use for Used Tennis Balls.


Why a club should donate balls through 2nd-Bounces

We provide a complete tennis ball recycling solution. Yes, some money is made from the balls you send in, and yes your club can only get a charitable deduction for the number of balls that are not re-sold, but consider this: The charitable deduction in most all cases will be more than enough to offset your cost of shipping (plus the shipping is a G&A expense that also reduces your taxable income). You must remove balls from your club, and recycling *might* cost more than trash disposal, but recycling is the right thing to do. You can continue supplying local requests for used balls (school programs, etc.) but now you have an easy way to get large batches off premise when you rotate your carts, as soon as the FedEx or UPS truck stops by. 

Financially, this is a win-win process for everyone. Businesses wouldn't be able to expend company resources to recycle, if not for the sales. This is explained best in the Sustainability article on our blog. Our Non-profit partners now get a consistent supply of balls because 2nd-Bounces is collecting them from many clubs, producing enough quantity to enable a variety of manufacturing uses.

So, you are welcome to ship tennis balls directly to the non-profit organizations on our list, and they will happily send you a receipt if you ask.  We only want to be involved where it makes sense to extract good playable balls from the flow to get them back into player's hands. This is by far the most efficient form of recycling tennis balls - REUSE in the game of tennis.  We understand that to maintain high lesson standards, you have to replace cart balls and that means throwing out some good ones with the bad ones. We understand the difficulty in sorting the balls, which is why we invested 2 years into developing our sorting system, and because of this investment, decided to patent it (pat.# 9,821,345). 

So let us take care of the painful job of sorting them for you. Then you can feel great about cart rotations. You can brag to your members how all those practice balls get used to the fullest before being recycled!  This is a great story that we will help you tell, if you decide to partner with us.

If you are interested in exploring what it would take to sort tennis balls on-site at your club, just call me for an engineering consultation and I will be happy to work with you personally to price out and deliver a solution.

If you decide to not become a donating partner, we will certainly not blame you if your business conditions dictate, but please take the time to consider the big picture when deciding which process you want to follow to manage ball disposal. We know that ours is a complete and sustainable solution, are you ready to get into the game? 

To see how donating through 2nd-Bounces could work out for your club financially, download our estimation spreadsheet by clicking the button below, then just fill in your numbers. 


Excel calculator provided by Tony Langford at Polaris CPA's.  Email: [email protected]
"Every ball counts, and every good ball deserves a 2nd-Bounce"