Glenn C. Sterkel

South Elgin, IL 60177
Phone: (630) 675-0250
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Innovative Property Improvement Solutions for the Chicago, IL area.                 1st-Service
Specializing in Staircase Remodeling and Aluminum Restoration

Business and Home Renewal Services

Innovative Business and Home Improvement Solutions for the Chicago, IL area


It is Easy and Beneficial for Clubs to Participate

Each time you rotate your lesson carts...

  • Box up the used balls. A medium HomeDepot box holds ~310
  • Use your existing shipper, or let us help you set up a shipping account to get discounted rates. Create and save a pre-made label
  • Print & apply the shipping label, ship the box(es) to 2nd-Bounces
  • Record your shipping cost as general expense to recycle materials
  • Receive charitable donation receipt* email for the donated balls 
* For tax accounting, club assigns fair market value for the quantity of balls sent to non-profits (as shown on receipt) (more info)

2nd-Bounces sorts balls received into play-worthy vs. recyclable

  • Using our patented Rebound Sorting process
  • We sell the ones good enough to sell back into the tennis market to cover our labor and expenses
  • Non-sellable balls are forwarded to our Non-profit partners in your club's name. You will always get at least 50% donation credit per batch
  • The Non-profit partner you selected will email you the receipt

Be promoted online by us and our various partners

  • Our non-profit partners recognize your club and link to you on their websites, social media, & blogs
  • Awards issued for accumulated numbers of balls donated
  • 2nd-Bounces also tracks and credits ball counts on this site
  • Links back to your club increase traffic & improve search rankings
  • 2nd-Bounces can supply promotional materials so you can 
    share your eco-friendly practices with your members and public