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Gel Staining - the economical alternative to strip/sanding your newels and railings

You may have heard this; "you can save lots of money by staining over your old finish", but does it work?  The answer is YES if done with the proper technique (and with the right stain product). Keep in mind also, your existing wood needs to be in good shape and stained properly the first time. 

Gel OVER-STAINING is a viable alternative that can indeed save you $thousands$ on your stair remodeling project, as long as you want a darker color. But we don’t just cover up the old finish like painting, you want the wood grain to show, and you want it to look like natural stained wood. So the technique we use is like an art form, a faux finish with just the right uniform layer of product to blend the new into the old to achieve the color you want. 

We know how to do it RIGHT!  Over 20 years of experience doing hundreds of wood doors, stair rails, banisters, trim, mantles and even furniture, has taught us how to make it look fantastic every time.  Doing it correctly can result in a beautiful faux woodgrain finish that perfectly matches the color of your floors and stair treads.  Check out the close-up pic below.