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Innovative Property Improvement Solutions for the Chicago, IL area.                 1st-Service
Specializing in Staircase Remodeling and Aluminum Restoration

Business and Home Renewal Services

Innovative Business and Home Improvement Solutions for the Chicago, IL area

As a Property Manager, you stay informed about the latest facilities and building services in your area.  Your clients deserve the highest quality and most economical maintenance programs to keep their properties looking and functioning their best year-round.  When a new restoration and improvement service comes along that can save your clients money, time, and spare them the inconvenience of major renovations, you want to know about it. 

As the owner of 1st-Service I’m here to introduce you to a remarkable new service that can enhance the beauty of your properties. 

Aluminum Window and Door Frame Restoration

New Processes and Products make a difference:

Our professional process and specially designed coatings can bring aged, faded, chalked, or dulled anodized aluminum framing back to life.  That original clean bright metallic look can and should be restored, not painted over or ripped out. 

For properties built 15 or more years ago, such degradation on anodized surfaces is common as this durable material gets attacked by the elements. The effect on the surface can be difficult to reverse and most property owners and managers have no idea that there is a way to fix it, until now. 

We can inexpensively restore, protect, and preserve most residential or storefront aluminum window and door framing, patio door, or facade panel, to save your clients budget and avoid the hassle of major replacement or re-construction. Our coatings preserve the metallic finish and add protection against UV and mildew.

It can look amazing again!

Let us show you

... how our coatings are far superior to paint, lacquer, or other finishes. 

We do free samples* to demonstrate how dramatic the improvement can be...

to give you confidence it will look the way you want it, on your building. 

* We can apply to a back window or small discrete area. 

Enhance your clients' image:

  • A property for rent or lease may just need a facelift at the storefront or street view to attract new tenants. 
  • New-looking window trim and entry doors make a great 1st impression! 
  • Sprucing up a property just before a big meeting with preferred clients or prospective partners, can convey success and respect.  

Once you have seen how good it looks, you will be excited to share it with your clients as an opportunity to improve their properties’ curb appeal.