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"Your good used tennis balls were better than the new penn balls I just bought from Costco"

- Erik W., Barrington, IL

"Buying used balls that come from premium indoor tennis clubs like those I've managed, is an excellent alternative to buying pressure-less balls for practice and drills. These balls are much better quality, easier on your joints and have the right "feel" that you need when fine-tuning your swing. I highly recommend every serious player getting a large batch of 2nd-bounces used balls, and I appreciate what 1st-Service is doing to keep balls out of the landfills."

- Ryan Fleming, Ex Pro, Asheville, NC

"I bought a box of 144 grade A's for less than $100 and my whole family just loves them, not just for tennis practice, but they used them all summer long for backyard games, fetch with our dogs, etc. These great quality tennis balls became my family's number one toy this year."

- Effie, Sports Mom

Thank you so much for your speedy service and EXTRA care and additional balls. I ordered these for the chairs in our Cancer Center Art Room.  They were noisy. This is a superb blessing!!! I am a cancer survivor and volunteer in the art room. My dog thanks you for the extra balls! I posted the details of the your superior service on Facebook. I hope it brings you more business. Thanks again. 

- Karen T., Alabama