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A summary of the 1st-Service Business Initiative to recycle tennis balls

Posted on December 30, 2015 at 4:25 PM

We make tennis ball recycling work on a greater scale, by creating a system of incentives to get key players in the tennis training industry to participate.


We are targeting a specific niche in the industry where large quantities of tennis balls are used for professional lessons, practice, and drills at premier tennis training clubs around the country.


These clubs must maintain a high quality level for the large quantities of balls they keep in carts court-side for their training programs. These balls must be replaced every few weeks to maintain the consistency expected from serious players. In this process however, it is very difficult to separate the relatively un-used balls from those that have been completely worn out, so when enough of them start becoming "dead", they must replace all the balls in a cart with new balls. There are a significant number of decent ones remaining. That is where 2nd-Bounces comes in…


The discarded indoor cart balls from all the premier tennis training clubs (that participate in our program) are sent to the nearest processing facilities. These facilities use our patented sorting system to separate the balls that can still be used for tennis, from the ones to be recycled.


Then we rely on you, our customers to buy the ones that are fit for tennis, maximizing the life span of these high quality balls.


Recycling anything costs money and energy, but re-using an item for it's original intended purpose is the most eco-friendly way. This re-use step generates the money (by customer purchases) needed to pay for the labor and transportation costs to recycle the rest.


"The rest" that no longer bounce well enough then get properly recycled though our partnerships with non-profit organizations and manufacturers who can put the material to good use. By sending these balls to non-profit organizations, the processing facilities and the donating clubs can recoup some of the cost to ship them through normal charitable tax deductions.


Its a crucial relationship, it doesnt work without the team participation of all parties - the clubs, the non-profits, and the customers.


And this enables us to keep as many balls as possible out of the landfill – that is our ultimate goal for the love of the game and creation.

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