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Innovative Property Improvement Solutions for the Chicago, IL area.                 1st-Service
Specializing in Staircase Remodeling and Aluminum Restoration

Business and Home Renewal Services

Innovative Business and Home Improvement Solutions for the Chicago, IL area

At 1st-Service, we provide both consulting and implementation to businesses to upscale and modernize their operations. We also work for homeowners providing specialty upgrade and restoration services for their homes. We can often find simple solutions to complex problems that others have overlooked.

Sometimes a business simply needs a "new look". Others might need in-depth research to determine the cause of a nagging technical issue.  We can help you make the right upgrades to get the most of your investment dollars, and we can dig into the really difficult issues like intellectual property and process automation.

By taking a "Systems" approach to your needs, we evaluate and account for everything that may pose a risk to your enterprise, such as obsolescence, customer accessibility, company image, waste, staffing impacts, resource losses, safety issues, etc.  The ultimate goal is for your business to become more efficient and profitable, running smoothly.

With 30 years of Systems Engineering experience spanning a wide range of technologies from Aerospace Radar systems to advanced cellular communication networks, we have plenty of tech expertise: We are well-versed in Electro-mechanical prototypes and developing micro-controller programming which allows us to automate just about anything you want to take your hands off of.  But project management and process control (i.e working with people to ensure quality and make schedule) are the cornerstones of good system engineering, which we can apply to any construction or restoration project. 

We partner with highly respected Home Restoration Preservation and Detailing companies, enabling us to factor public image into your improvement equation. We have a strong network of trade specialists and craftsmen we can pull in as the need may arise.

In summary: 

Make your business or home look new again without costly renovations.

Detail your external metal-clad surfaces to make your storefront or guest entrances shine. 

Our special treatments will protect and preserve, saving you money on facilities maintenance over the long haul.

Every project is evaluated with a Systems Engineering eye - details are important to ensure the very best quality for your time and money.

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Glenn Sterkel

- Owner, Systems Architect

ph: 630-675-0250